Our brand

Sioen Ballistics is a brand of the Sioen Industries Group, Textile solution provider and world market leader in technical textiles and professional protective garments.

Sioen Ballistics is situated in Ardooie, Belgium, on the premises of the Sioen headquarters and in Finland, the former headquarters of Verseidag Ballistic Protection OY. Production is situated in production plants all over the world.

We operate in the broad field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both (off-the-shelf) standardised solutions and custom made solutions to meet the most demanding requirements by the end user organisations.

Our end users are often faced with life threatening situations, either directed at themselves or towards others that they rescue, protect or guard. Safety- and security-critical environments require sufficient means to protect individuals, to help them to perform their duty and to fulfil their mission.

We develop and offer a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions in various wearing formats, including overt, covert and tactical vests, hard plate carriers, specialised solutions and Accessories needed to increase the safety.

Our mission “Life Saving Design” reflects the seriousness and importance of the work we do, each day our employees and partners, from material suppliers to sales channel partners, perform their tasks to increase the security and safety of our end users.

We have chosen to work in the highest technological and ethical way, by performing the most critical phases in creating our products in-house: design, ballistics, manufacturing and testing.

Great forces merged

At the beginning of 2017, the group Sioen acquired the important and strong Finnish producer of personal body armour protection, Verseidag Ballistic Protection Oy. As a result, Sioen Apparel has integrated Verseidag Ballistic Protection Oy into its existing ballistic department Sioen Armour Technology (S.A.T.) and will continue these activities in one general business unit which is already on the market and acting under the new brand name ‘Sioen Ballistics’.

Today, Sioen Ballistics is one strong partner in protective equipment, where experience meets latest innovations, whether in ballistic protective solutions, fabrics used or product design.