Part of Sioen

Sioen Ballistics is part of the international Sioen Industries Group and can rely on more than 110 years of textile experience. The many milestones tell the success story of vertical integration and continuous growth.

The company focusses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven, laid, mon woven, coated and complexed fabric, to chemicals and finishing in house. Sioen is a textile solution provider and produces the fabrics according to your particular specs. In addition, the group deploys its capabilities in the world of professional protective clothing.

Our production capabilities are gigantic. We focus on efficiency and manufacturing excellence in all our plants. We value people and planet and have a set of rules, guidelines and specific actions, making us into the strong, engages, socially responsible company we are today. Our words are translated in many certificates.

We daily live the corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”. Our innovation reflects in our products and the team of engineers and developers works with high tech equipment in sophisticated labs and always in close contact with our clients. Our 360° view on all aspects of textiles is a major advantage for all our customers.

The companies straightforward vision, mission and family values are clearly established in the annual corporate report, as are our healthy financials. This makes us a solid partner in all your projects.