New website for Sioen Ballistics

With Sioen Ballistics- the name says it all- we produce ballistic protection, including overts, coverts, tactical vests and shields. As market leader, we strive to live up to our companies’ overall slogan: “Protection through innovation.” As the Apparel division, we are the world’s leading producer of professional protective garments, protecting people in all working conditions, including the most extreme ones.

Ballistic solutions

We design garments for people that are faced with life-threatening situations, involving either themselves, or others that they rescue, protect or guard. Safety and security-critical environments demand suitable enough means to protect individuals, to help them to perform their duty and to fulfil their assignment.

With our brand Sioen Ballistics, we develop and offer a wide range of new and innovative protective solutions in various apparel formats, including Overt, Covert and Tactical vests, Specialised solutions and Accessories needed to increase their safety.

Life Saving design

Ballistic protection solutions include life-critical design, dedicated R&D, product engineering and production. Each day our employees and partners, from raw material suppliers to sales channel partners, perform their tasks to increase the security and safety of the people who are wearing our products.

We have chosen to work in the utmost technological and ethical manner, by performing the most critical phases in creating our products in-house: design, ballistics, manufacturing and testing.

We supply thousands of clients worldwide with the best body armour products, which we produce in our manufacturing plants worldwide. Our customers include police, military and special forces and many private security firms.

Tailor made solutions through R&D and product engineering

Our research & development activity is aiming for ever-increasing performance in terms of protection, comfort, weight and value. Our design team, in-house ballistics engineers and our own ballistics test facility form a strong base for the creation of new solutions. We work closely with all major material suppliers, using their material know-how and latest innovations, and we have a detailed insight into the latest ammunition and arms technology developments. In addition, we can draw from the expertise of the technical textiles' division of the Sioen group, which produces technical woven fabrics, laid scrims and felt, through a vertically integrated value chain.

We have over 30 years of experience in ballistics protection. Constant technological development maintains our position as the market leader within our industry.