Spare cover concealable undervest

The ARES vest is an overt that gives you the possibility to associate soft and hard ballistic protections. The vest design has been specially developed to give the wearer great mobility, freedom of movement and a comfortable fit. The vest gives you a 360° wrap around soft ballistic protection that you can improve on the front and the back of the torso by adding hard ballistic plates in the pockets provided for this purpose. A 3D tunnel spacer improves the wearer's comfort by reducing the body heat build-up thanks to air movements within the vest. A belly belt allows a good positioning and stability while the vest is worn. 4 closure systems with Velcro's allow easy adjustement and put on.

Product highlights

Features & design


  • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening
  • Adjustable side closures with touch and close fastening
  • Durable touch and close fastener
  • External front and back plate pocket (dimension plates: width: 25 cm / height: 30 cm)


  • Heat and sweat management by 3D spacer technology with extra ventilation
  • Elastic belly belt
  • S: S - 3XL
  • L: S - 3XL