Load Bearing Vest

The ATLAS is a modular load bearing vest that is battle proven. The platform is used for combat actions that require modularity, stability, great adjustability for personal fitting and a large capacity of load. The vest has a comfortable fit. In most cases the carrying platform is worn in combination with a protective vest. Hard ballistic plates (front, back and optional sides) can be inserted in the vest when used as standalone or in conjunction with soft ballistics. The ATLAS has a 360° MOLLE surface which allows maximum flexibility in body mapping. The vest is equipped with a double front closing system (2 quick release buckles and a quick release zipper) and anti-slip areas on the shoulders.

Product highlights

Features & design


  • Zip closure with buckles
  • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening
  • MOLLE ribbon to attach different pouches
  • Cable guiding system on both shoulders
  • 360° Molle
  • External evacuation handle
  • Anti-slip pads on the shoulders
  • Front, back and side plates


  • Heat and sweat management by nylnet fabric
  • Strong external fabric

T1 - T4