Quick Release System plate carrier

The FLASH plate carrier is specially designed to offer maximum comfort and flexibility. The plate carrier gives you the possibility of wearing when needed some hard ballistic protections on front, back and sides too. 360° PALS/MOLLE system over its entire surface. Very easy to put on, freedom of movement, very comfortable, easy to adjust thanks to Velcro's systems on the shoulders and an elastic ribbon-based system on the back. The carrier is equipped with a true 4 points QRS (Quick Release System), a 3D spacer lining enhances the comfort, a dorsal extraction strap is also present. An internal fixing system of the hard plates will ensure a good positioning of the plates and this even during chase. Field tested by several European Polices.

Features & design


  • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening
  • Adjustable side closures with touch and close fastening
  • MOLLE ribbon to attach different pouches
  • Cable guiding system in the front
  • Front and back velcro for logo
  • Durable touch and close fastener
  • 360° Molle
  • External evacuation handle
  • External front and back plate pocket (dimension plates: width: 25 cm / height: 30 cm)


  • Heat and sweat management by 3D Spacer technology
  • Strong external fabric