Tactical vest with removable lifejacket

The OCEANUS is a lightweight tactical vest specially designed to be used optimally in the river and even maritime environment. Specific points of fixation have been developed to give the possibility of optimally fixing a removable lifejacket on this plate carrier. A slim fit laser cut design associated with some key features such as a quick donning and doffing bucles system, detachable heat and sweat patches, specific adjustment for climbing or anti-slip evacuation handle make Oceanus an ideal product for all ship missions. High modularity body mapping and detachable front and back panels give you the possibility to be ready whatever the kind of mission.

Product highlights

Features & design


  • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening
  • Side closures with buckles
  • MOLLE ribbon to attach different pouches
  • Front and back velcro for logo
  • Durable touch and close fastener
  • 360° Molle
  • External evacuation handle
  • External front and back plate pocket (dimension plates: width: 25 cm / height: 30 cm)


  • Heat and sweat management by 3D Spacer technology
  • Strong external fabric
  • Lifejacket connected to the tactical
  • SHORT: T1 - T5
  • REGULAR: T1 - T5
  • LONG: T1 - T5
  • XSHOR: T1 - T5