Our strengths

Sioen ballistics is a reliable partner and provides you with outstanding lightweight modular armour systems which protect the individual against all kinds of threats (handgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, knife, ice pick,... ).

  1. Part of the financially stable group Sioen Industries.
  2. High level of warranty, liability and insurance.
  3. High-quality and innovative products:
    • Use of raw materials from the most famous high-performance suppliers (DSM, DuPont, Teijin Aramid, Honeywell, Ten Cate,... );
    • In-house production with strong contingency capability (production plants worldwide);
    • In-house shooting labs for quality control and development on armour solutions in both Belgium and in Finland;
    • Longtime experience: since 1907 producing technical textiles, since 1964 active within P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) and since 1984 in body armour. Cross-functional use of strengths of innovative products within different Sioen brand names.

Customer centricity

In everything we do, the customer is key. The integral design process is driven by the motives: protection, durability, comfort and budgeting. It is our ambition and vision to understand and translate each unique requirement into the correct garment solution.

Our culture of working is based on intensive team work, a very large cross-company commitment and a focus on refining ideas. This always leads to very specific and personalized garments, complying to law and customer requirements.