Plate carrier with MOLLE (ribon)

The MERCURY is a plate carrier that was designed in a compact way to offer maximum comfort and flexibility. This carrier gives you the possibility of wearing hard ballistic plates on the front and the back of the torso. MOLLE system over its entire surface allowing a not neglibile payload capacity for such a small area. Very easy to put on, freedom of movement, easy to adjust thanks to Velcro closures on the shoulders and a buckle system on the sides. A 3D tunnel spacer lining gives the feeling of great comfort. The Mercuri is also equipped with Velcro areas to attach any type of identification badges, A dorsal extraction strap is also present on it. An internal fixing system of the hard plates will ensure a good positioning of the plates and this even during chases.

Product highlights

Features & design


  • Adjustable shoulder closures with touch and close fastening
  • Side closures with buckles
  • MOLLE ribbon to attach different pouches
  • Front velcro for logo
  • External evacuation handle
  • External front and back plate pocket (dimension plates: width: 25 cm / height: 30 cm)


Heat and sweat management by 3D spacer technology with extra ventilation