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Sioen Ballistics

We operate in the broad field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both standardised solutions and custom made solutions to meet the most demanding requirements by the end user organisations.
Our brand

Our brand stands for “Life Saving Design” to increase security and safety. Find out who we are and our rich history.

Sioen Ballistics is a brand of the Sioen Industries Group, Textile solution provider and world market leader in technical textiles and professional protective garments.

Sioen Ballistics is situated in Ardooie, Belgium, on the premises of the Sioen headquarters and in Finland, the former headquarters of Verseidag Ballistic Protection OY. Production is situated in production plants all over the world.

We operate in the broad field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both (off-the-shelf) standardised solutions and custom made solutions to meet the most demanding requirements by the end user organisations.

Our end users are often faced with life threatening situations, either directed at themselves or towards others that they rescue, protect or guard. Safety- and security-critical environments require sufficient means to protect individuals, to help them to perform their duty and to fulfil their mission.

We develop and offer a wide range of new and innovative protection solutions in various wearing formats, including overt, covert and tactical vests, hard plate carriers, specialised solutions and Accessories needed to increase the safety.

Our mission “Life Saving Design” reflects the seriousness and importance of the work we do, each day our employees and partners, from material suppliers to sales channel partners, perform their tasks to increase the security and safety of our end users.

We have chosen to work in the highest technological and ethical way, by performing the most critical phases in creating our products in-house: design, ballistics, manufacturing and testing.


Our ballistics solutions


For military or armed forces, professional organizations with branches such as an Army, Navy, Air Force the Marines and Coast Guard.


Body of persons empowered by a state to enforce the law, to protect people and property, and to prevent crime and civil disorder.

Security guards

Protecting people and their belongings, banks and buildings, … security guards face potential dangers and all need protection against threats associated with their job.


Sioen armour solutions for NGO’s offers protection from hostile forces

Emergency services

Armour solutions is a necessity for anyone who will be working in a hostile environment and where there is the threat of an attack. This includes first aid operations, medical response teams. Body armour is now the accepted level of all-hazard personal protective equipment. Much like the cultural shift to the routine wearing of gloves and eye protection for protection against infectious disease exposure, the appropriate use of body armour must become an organizational norm for incident response.

Public transport

Stab resistant (and armoured) vests offer a great level of protection against sharp objects and hypodermic needles, and reduce the risk of physical injury when suffering from any type of assault on public transport.


Our strenghts

Why you should chose Sioen Ballistics. You are the centre of everything we do.

Sioen ballistics is a reliable partner and provides you with outstanding lightweight modular armour systems which protect the individual against all kinds of threats (handgun, submachine gun, assault rifle, shotgun, knife, ice pick,... ).

  1. Part of the financially stable group Sioen Industries.
  2. High level of warranty, liability and insurance.
  3. High-quality and innovative products:
    • Use of raw materials from the most famous high-performance suppliers (DSM, DuPont, Teijin Aramid, Honeywell, Ten Cate,... );
    • In-house production with strong contingency capability (production plants worldwide);
    • In-house shooting labs for quality control and development on armour solutions in both Belgium and in Finland;
    • Longtime experience: since 1907 producing technical textiles, since 1964 active within P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) and since 1984 in body armour. Cross-functional use of strengths of innovative products within different Sioen brand names.

Customer centricity

In everything we do, the customer is key. The integral design process is driven by the motives: protection, durability, comfort and budgeting. It is our ambition and vision to understand and translate each unique requirement into the correct garment solution.
Our culture of working is based on intensive team work, a very large cross-company commitment and a focus on refining ideas. This always leads to very specific and personalized garments, complying to law and customer requirements.


Certificates underlining that we walk the talk on every level

As market leader, we want more than high quality products in sustainable processes. We walk the talk and our actions are translated into many certificates and charters.

We are the first PPE manufacturing company to receive a STeP certification. Sioen’s quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2000. Sioen Ballistics also has the certified capability to operate according to AQAP-2110, ed. 3. We adhere to the UN global compact and are fully reach compliant.

We make continuous efforts to reduce the environmental effects of our operations. We promote being environmentally friendly and taking care of the environment. We support environmental responsibility in the value chain by encouraging suppliers, customers and other partners to comply with international environment standards.

Part of Sioen

We are part of the international Sioen Industries group

Sioen Ballistics is part of the international Sioen Industries Group and can rely on more than 110 years of textile experience. The many milestones tell the success story of vertical integration and continuous growth.

The company focusses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven, laid, mon woven, coated and complexed fabric, to chemicals and finishing in house. Sioen is a textile solution provider and produces the fabrics according to your particular specs. In addition, the group deploys its capabilities in the world of professional protective clothing.

Our production capabilities are gigantic. We focus on efficiency and manufacturing excellence in all our plants. We value people and planet and have a set of rules, guidelines and specific actions, making us into the strong, engages, socially responsible company we are today. Our words are translated in many certificates.

We daily live the corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”. Our innovation reflects in our products and the team of engineers and developers works with high tech equipment in sophisticated labs and always in close contact with our clients. Our 360° view on all aspects of textiles is a major advantage for all our customers.

The companies straightforward vision, mission and family values are clearly established in the annual corporate report, as are our healthy financials. This makes us a solid partner in all your projects.