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Product engineering and research & development in close collaboration with you, bowing on both our experience.

Sioen ballistics has its own in-house team of engineers that master all the steps from design to manufacturing of your protective garment

Sioen ballistics has its own in-house team of engineers that master all the steps from design to manufacturing of your protective garment.

Sioen always provides durable, conformant and cost-effective solutions for dangerous working conditions (including workwear, body wear, thermal wear, body armours and slash protection). Sioen’s major advantage is our cross sectorial 360° knowledge of the market needs. Whether working on land, on, in or above water, in public or private services, in low or extremely high risk situations, Sioen always manufactures the appropriate garment.

All of our garments are carefully designed for and tested by the wearers in the field. For over 50 years we have been dressing people in their various working conditions. Translated into garments, this means that we have provided them with over 120 million pieces. Produced, worn and approved by specialists for specialists. That’s our strength!

As part of a global player in the manufacturing of professional protective clothing, we can rely on international and expert developing, design and production expertise.

Sioen always been manufacturing garments in its own dedicated production plants all over the world. Sioen has evolved into an industry leader both in the branded and private label segments of the protective garment business. With more than 10 production plants based in Tunisia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Finland and Romania and more than 4.500 people working for the group, it is fair to say that Sioen has all the capabilities in house to fulfil your needs. Be it general protective garments, workwear, life jackets, floatation suits, dry suits, fire fighters clothing, chainsaw protection garments or body armours, Sioen is committed to creating and producing quality garments while being socially and ethically responsible. We are currently producing over 30 million units per year in eight countries throughout the world with our factories being operated by our highly skilled Operations and Quality Control teams.

All our plants are organized in a semi-automated way. Each plants has dedicated lines with specialist and skilled workers where we manufacture our high end technically complicated protective garments.

As a world leading apparel player, we have chosen the countries of production very carefully, depending on a great number of criteria, of which price, expertise and logistics are just some examples. We are taking a proactive approach to ensuring that we comply with regulations onworker safety and environmental protection.

At all Sioen production plants, we’ve embraced technological innovations. The fundamentals behind our successful advanced manufacturing strategy includes manufacturing excellence across people and machines. Sioen emphasizes the need of both strong talent and infrastructure development.

Our manufacturing capabilities are showcased in our factories: the infrastructure, the technologies and the people with their particular skills. At Sioen, we employ people who know about design, marketing, finance, technology, human resource management, operations and trade law. They interact and combine their knowledge to make our products outstanding.

Research and development and in-house engineering

Our in-house R&D department is the driving force behind your safety. The team develops new materials, methods, processes and applications. Their knowledge, state of the art testing equipment and thorough expertise in the field of norms and standards make them so performant.

Sioen Ballistics can bow on a strong R&D department, with dedicated people and testing labs, including shooting range and stabtest lab.

The excellent product knowledge and unrestrained creativity, obtained through the exhaustive handling and testing of our products, allows us to develop revolutionary new products or improved solutions. Every day we live up to our company slogan ‘protection through innovation’.

Our success is based on continuous product development. Producing of high quality, durable, customized solutions saves resources, supports the reuse of products and helps customers in environmentally responsible actions. Taking care of environment is an integral part of sustainable development, and this can be seen in our strategy, processes and daily operations. We set targets for continuous improvement.

In the protective apparel market, Sioen plays a leading role in both, R&D, production, branding and design (creating a product). These are significant components of our competitiveness and added value of a commodity chain. Our people have very specific scientific, technical and design (aesthetic) capabilities. We (and they) are proud of the Sioen products.

Sioen has the ability to undertake the tasks related to all the steps leading to the creation of the concepts of a product and its supporting technology. This involves the conventional tasks of R&D, design and production planning. More than 180 people in the R&D department have an excellent product knowledge and unrestrained creativity, obtained through the exhaustive handling and testing of our products. This allows them to develop revolutionary, new products or improved solutions. It is our company’s main goal to constantly innovate the market in order to stay ahead of the competition. Every day we live up to our company slogan “protection through innovation”.

Sioen has built a strong knowledge of norms and regulations. The Sioen personal protective garments are worn in order to be protected against hazards either at home, at work or whilst engaging in leisure activities. Statistics on fatal and major work accidents underline the importance of protection and prevention, for which personal protective equipment plays an important role. The European Union has issued a number of legislative acts to improve health and safety at work and to ensure high quality PPE. Sioen staff are considered to be amongst the most educated people regarding these norms and regulations.

Our 360° know-how of yarns, fabrics, technical textiles and garment manufacturing, gives you a competitive edge.

Our team has built up a fund of skills, including product engineering, allowing tailored solutions for our customers. Sioen Ballistics’ activity is aiming for ever-increasing performance in terms of protection, comfort, weight and value. Our garment design team, in-house ballistics team and our own ballistics test facility form a strong base for the creation of new solutions. We work closely with all major material suppliers, utilising their material know-how and latest developments, and we have a close insight into the latest ammunition and arms technology development. Our many years of experience maintain our position as the market leader within our industry.