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Tailored solutions

Your needs and requirements always translated into the best ballistic protection.

Standard products

Our standard product range was created utilising all our experience in both ballistics and ergonomics. All of our products have been fully tested according to the required standards in terms of ballistic protection as well as in the field among end users. The feedback we've collected, and our customers' requirements and preferences, have been the basis for the catalogue of products that we are now promoting. Sioen Ballistics’ ballistic vests, soft and hard armour solutions, shields and accessories are the best solutions for customers who want a proven and ready-made solution for their work.

Tailored solutions

As a solution provider, we pride ourselves in the fact that we can always develop the right product according to your specs. Our dedicated technical experience with textiles, manufacturing excellence, norms and regulations ensures you of the right product for your specific needs. Do you have an idea or project in mind? Tell us, we want to be your partner.

When customers want superior tailored performance or have a high level of specific needs, we create a design which is customised to meet these requirements. In the customised products process, we assess the requirements, either modify an existing solution or redesign a new one.

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Our range includes both off the shelf and tailor made solutions